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14 Nov Jane’s Walk-Portland

Jane’s Walk is a global movement of citizen led walking tours. The tours focus on the legacy of Jane Jacobs by getting neighbors to tell stories about their communities, explore their cities, and connect with each other. The University of Louisville’s Planning Student Organization recently...

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01 Aug What makes a great neighborhood?

Tonight was a pretty amazing night to just sit outside, enjoy Rowan’s Creek on the rocks and listen to some good music. 73 degrees, a slight breeze, a blue moon over Kentucky passing through a veil of tree leaves in an almost cloudless sky. Crickets...

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17 Feb Sneckdowns Louisville

The recent snowstorm in Louisville offers the chance to evaluate our streets and identify potential locations where underutilized pavement can be reallocated to the pedestrian environment, provide traffic calming opportunities, or at the very least simply better understand traffic patterns on our roadways. Like desire lines, where...

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Philadelphia Commercial Corner

22 Jun Great Streets Start with Strong Corners

Beautiful corner in the Philadelphia neighborhood of Queen Village Walkability has worked its way into the lexicon of cities looking to revitalize and attract talent. These built environments that foster rich pedestrian experiences with vibrant streetscapes and a mix of amenities are not only sought after...

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09 Apr CycLouvia on Frankfort Avenue

You definitely won't want to miss Louisville's third CycLouvia event this Sunday on a new 2-mile stretch of open street, this time on Frankfort Avenue. As in the past two CycLouvia's along Bardstown Road, this will be a great opportunity to experience the city with...

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04 Jan Jeff Speck Lecture and Workshop

  Don't miss your chance to attend the Jeff Speck lecture and workshop on January 16th and 17th. Jeff Speck has dedicated his career to determining what makes cities thrive and he has boiled it down to one key factor: walkability. These events...

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