resurfaced google maps

28 Jan ReSurfaced Surfaces on Google Maps

The rate at which Google updates its aerial imagery is pretty amazing, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise when we learned that you can now view the ReSurfaced initiative on Main Street in the latest update. Though we feel like we lived there for more than six weeks, seeing the space on Google Maps really gives a new perspective to the massive effort when seen in the context of downtown Louisville.

The Main Street initiative took a monumental effort by a small army of volunteers, civic-minded organizations, support from the City and critical sponsors to make it possible. With that said, zooming out from ReSurfaced on the aerial reveals many other sprawling surface lots and underutilized spaces that need attention, spaces that dwarf the Main Street initiative. There are also countless spaces outside the central business district that may not be as visible, but important to their local areas vibrancy.

In order to be strategic and identify viable locations for the next ReSurfaced intervention, the City Collaborative posted a form here to get the community involved in suggesting where to focus future efforts. Everyone passes these dead spaces on our daily commutes and as locals know better than any one group where latent potential lies within our own neighborhoods. This is an opportunity to point out these locations and begin to think creatively about how to improve them.

After you view ReSurfaced on Main Street through Google Maps, take a minute to pan around the city and observe other potential sites (if you love looking at maps like we do, this could take way more than a minute). If you find sites or already have some in mind, and ideas for what could be done on them, take another minute to submit it to City Collaborative and advance the conversation around activating our city.