Building Blocks of Louisville | Square 4

27 Sep Building Blocks of Louisville | Square 4

1milesq 4

For our fourth one-mile square of Louisville, from the Building Blocks of Louisville exhibit, we again have some pretty distinct features that may immediately be recognizable. But, without the aid of street names, can you identify the activity node at the center of this figure-ground map? What features of the buildings set this area apart from the previous three maps?

ANSWER: Map centered on 26th Street and Portland Avenue. The historic commercial node is receiving a great deal of attention lately as investors start to take notice of the great assets and opportunities that the area provides. Anyone familiar with the city would probably be able to recognize the Ohio River and McAlpine Locks and Dam to the north as well as Lannan Park and Interstate 64 that cuts the park and river off from the neighborhood. The Portland Neighborhood has a particularly compact built form relative to Louisville with a significant collection of shotgun houses.