PARK(ING) Day Louisville 2013 Map

Parking Day Map 2013

27 Aug PARK(ING) Day Louisville 2013 Map


The applications are rolling in for PARK(ing) Day Louisville 2013. Here is a map of the proposed locations and current participants for this year’s event.

If you are unfamiliar with PARK(ing) Day, check out the global website here. Start thinking about where you would like your parklet to be set up so we can identify the metered spaces as soon as possible. We are on a much tighter deadline than last year so we will need to move fast to secure the spaces needed.

Last year we had more than 20 different organizations paritipate and are hoping to make this year’s event even bigger. We are already on track to do that with the PARK(ing) Week initiative in collaboration with the Mayor’s Office.

Download the application in PDF format: PARK(ING) Day Louisville 2013 Application Form (2.1 MB)