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  • strong towns conference header
    Strong Towns Conference Sept 24-25

    The Strong Towns Conference will be a great opportunity to learn about various aspects of building a better Louisville, from historic preservation, economics, urban design, transportation and more. T...

  • bluemoon
    What makes a great neighborhood?

    Tonight was a pretty amazing night to just sit outside, enjoy Rowan’s Creek on the rocks and listen to some good music. 73 degrees, a slight breeze, a blue moon over Kentucky passing through a veil ...

  • Streetmap Pac-Man
    Google Maps Pac-Man and Street Connectivity

    Choose your neighborhood wisely… Google has been known for taking its existing software and injecting fun and quirky diversions. Now, for a limited time, Google has added the classic arcade ...



Utilizing observation, research, and analysis to contribute to a better understanding of our built environment


Fostering community dialog through education and outreach on subjects related to urban design, sustainability, and community


Building community through neighborhood design facilitation, workshops, and open dialog to find solutions


Collaborating with the local community to improve the city now! through tactical urbanism interventions and experimentation